Tanuj Rastogi

Online Marketer

Brand, Reputation or Brand Reputation? Stop Worrying and Do It the Tanuj Rastogi Way

It doesnít take much to ruin your personal or brand reputation online and see all your business efforts and exertions that went into building that reputation come undone.

Ignore a negative comment on social media and youíll end up being apathetic and unresponsive to your customers. Be unprofessional and overact to online trolls and you may build a strong opponent base (disgruntled customers and viewers) and strengthen your competitorís client base. Go inactive on social media and you disconnect with your audience and give them a chance to connect with your competitors. This is how fragile your online reputation is. It shapes according to your activities and business operations.

From how you operate your business online to how you communicate and engage with your audience, it all boils down to your online reputation. That said, here we have a few tips from the leading business reputation management expert, Tanuj Rastogi.

First impression is all that lasts

It takes only a few seconds for a first impression to form and what forms lasts forever. Sit back and think what impression do you want your brand to portray when a prospect first comes to know about it? Making a good first impression will help shape customerís perception around your brand as well as their decision.

Know whatís going on around your brand

The most important thing you should be knowing is what people are saying about your brand, products or services online. It is crucial that you keep track of both negative and positive views, feedback and comments about your brand on social media and the web. There are a number of tools like RSS feeds and Google Alerts available for managing reputation and analysing activities around your brand.

Donít Forget to Stay Involved

A positive online reputation comes from good online relationships. To build your brand a great online reputation, it is necessary to build a strong online presence first. For this, you need to be active on popular social media platforms and engage your audience by offering exclusive coupons and deals and joining conversations and being part of everything thatís going around your brand.

In addition to these tips, who you choose to manage your brand reputation on the web does make a great difference to your business, online presence and relationships. Hiring an online reputation management professional like Tanuj Rastogi would help you not only maintain a positive identity but provide your customers with a seamless experience.